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Camfrog Server 6.3

It is a program that allows you to host your own video chat room
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Camfrog Server is an application which main purpose is to help you create an online chat room, where you can invite your friends and family to join in, with the supplementary advantage that they can see and hear each other. It can be used for either for having fun, or for more serious purposes, such as business conferences.

The application has a set of complex features regarding privacy, allowing you, as the administrator of the chat room, to permit or restrict access according to your own criteria. Moreover, if anyone connected to the chat room proves to be annoying or does not behave properly, you may choose to force them out of the chat room, and include them in a banning list. Access will be denied for the users included those in this list until you decide to allow them to access the chat room again.

The program also allows you to restrict access to the chat room by creating a password, which will be made public only to preferred users. The "Message of the day" panel provides another interesting feature, because it allows chat participant to click "yes" or "no," and thus express whether they agree with the administrator's message. As such, this aspect constitutes an efficient manner for you to gauge the users' opinion on such issues as the rules regarding the way you administer the chat room, or just any other topic.

All in all, Camfrog server can serve as a useful tool for anyone who wishes to create chat rooms either for connecting with friends or for business purposes, being possible for them to see and hear anyone who enters their room. In addition, the emphasis it places on privacy options makes the users' chat room a secure and private space where they are able to get in freely touch.

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  • See and hear anyone in the chat room
  • Advanced privacy options
  • Suited for business video conferences


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